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News: Bloxstore Licensing Services is officially launched!

Bloxstore Licensing Services was formally launched at GEO Business 2019 on the 21st May. Many thanks to the Knowledge Transfer Network for their support and coordinating the launch alongside the formation of the Geospatial Insights Special Interest Group.

Bloxstore Team: Allana Farquhar, Graham Vowles, Marinella Vowles
Bloxstore Team: Allana Farquhar, Graham Vowles, Marinella Vowles

Andy Bennett, KTN’s Knowledge Transfer Manager for Space & Geospatial, who is leading the SIG, said: “We live in a world increasingly powered by data; turning data into information helps us make decisions across all sectors of the economy.”, and “We are at a geospatial moment in the UK.  The Geospatial Commission has been set up to lead the way and develop the UK’s national Geospatial Strategy.”

In their recently published Annual Plan 2019/20, the Geospatial Commission have identified a key challenge, set out in the Digital Land Review, as “simplifying the licensing landscape across the Geo6”, that will be addressed as part of the £5 million fund supporting collaborative projects.

Ed Parsons, Google’s Geospatial Technologist, stated that “It is currently a very complicated environment”, and “anything that could simplify the process would be hugely valuable.”

Bloxstore specialises in geospatial data licensing and rights management, focusing on simplifying your licensing journey and making the process less painful from both a data holder and data processor’s perspective. The key benefits are to streamline the licensing process and to reduce the costs of legally complying with intellectual property and copyright law.

Richard Brittan, Managing Director of Alcis, a Guildford based satellite data processor said, “Our customers in the international development and humanitarian sector, depend on our data to help people on the ground in troubled regions of the world like Afghanistan, Iran and Iraq”. He then added,  “We license our assets such as Afghanistan settlement data, and our business model depends on a simple and transparent way to sell our data, whilst managing risk to our intellectual property and recognising the contribution of third-party data holders”, concluding that, “Bloxstore has clearly demonstrated the business case for automating our data licensing process and helping us reach a wider market.”

Graham Vowles, Founder of Bloxstore, responded by saying “We are bringing old-fashioned human values into the high-tech sector”, adding “Bloxstore is responding to the absence of trust we often experience in the digital world, and our purpose is to provide a cross-platform geospatial licensing service that simplifies the journey for us all”.

A big thank you to everyone who has contributed to Bloxstore and has made it happen.

Getting ready for the Bloxstore Launch Party
Getting ready for the Bloxstore Launch Party!

About Bloxstore:

Bloxstore Limited is an established consulting company based in Farnham, Surrey in the United Kingdom. We are strategically positioned to provide consulting, training and innovation services within the geospatial sector.

We have a fresh, innovative and user-centred approach and operate independently to help you with clear and simple advice to enable you to define and realise your strategic vision.

Bloxstore recently launched its innovative licensing capability at the national GEO Business 2019 trade show.

Contact Graham Vowles – info@bloxstore.netif you would like to find out more.

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